NB DISTILLERY – the North Berwick-based business that produces the gin voted the best in the world in 2015 – is to build a new distillery in East Lothian.

The move will allow the craft distiller, launched by husband and wife team Viv and Steve Muir in 2014, to expand its gin and vodka production to a 24-hour operation, in the wake of overwhelming demand from the UK and global markets.

Viv Muir, who is CEO, said construction on the new distillery at Halfland Barns, to the south east of North Berwick, is due to begin shortly. She believes it’s a crucial next step in the impressive growth has shown since its launch.

NB Distillery also plans to offer luxury tours of the facility to enthusiasts, which will include canapes served by award-winning North Berwick chef JP MacLachlan, who will also collaborate with the distillery in offering some private dining options in the future.

Muir said: “We have an overwhelming demand for our product worldwide which is necessitating major expansion.

“With that has come a demand for distillery tours – and we wanted to do something more than just the stock standard tour. When visitors come to the new distillery, we want it to feel like you’re coming for a drink and food at our home. We also plan to take advantage of East Lothian’s incredible produce to complement the luxury feel to the distillery.”

The distillery will be energy neutral, with solar panels, lighting and heating. It will capture and store rainwater and use it in the condensing process of stilling.