THE iconic Paisley Pattern is to feature in luxury knitwear brand Pringle of Scotland’s upcoming autumn/winter 2017 collection.

The collaboration occurred after Pringle’s womenswear design director Fran Stringer was granted access to the original Paisley Pattern designs during a visit to Paisley Museum. The internationally significant collection is currently valued at £1 million.

As well as the original designs held at the museum, the archive has also been digitised to allow people to access it for research, education, media and local community, as well as commercial, purposes.

Plans are also underway for the commercialisation of the Paisley Pattern to support and grow the ambition to connect the town back to the globally-recognised pattern.

Stringer said: “There are many icons in Pringle’s history. The archives are always a rich source of inspiration. I want to continue to celebrate Pringle.”