A FAMILY-FRIENDLY Nordic manufacturer is taking Scotland by storm by building a new sauna and hot tub culture.

SaunEco has taken the Scottish Government ethos of exploring closer links with Nordic nations by expanding its business over here and the firm says it could help Scots boost their health and wellbeing.

The National:

A recently published 21-year medical study in Finland, which has a similar population to Scotland and more than three million saunas, showed evidence that using a sauna regularly can reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, decrease stress, improve blood pressure and makes it less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Lehar Voitra, MD of SaunEco, said: “We know that ‘sauna culture’ has a seedy connotation in Scotland but we hope to change that perception. We’re convinced that Scots would benefit in many ways from their own sauna and spa culture.”