PLANS to build an innovative aviation, astronomy and flight family visitor centre called Aero Space Kinross (ASK) has launched it very first community share offer and raised nearly £30,000 in the first few days.

The ASK community pressed the button on the share offer with a target of £150,000 on Twitter and Facebook, with TV presenter Carol Vorderman lending her celebrity support with her video “countdown” message.

Aero Space Scientific Education Trust (ASSET) will provide the community of Kinross-Shire and beyond the opportunity to invest in Aero Space Kinross (ASK). Investment features include runway and flying class shares with the minimum investment per person of £100 for people living in Kinross-shire, or £200 for those living outside Kinross-shire.

Alisdair Stewart, chairman of ASK, said: “ASSET is a Community Benefit Society community led, controlled and operated for the benefit of Kinross-shire and the community it serves. It is a tremendous opportunity for the residents of Kinross-shire and beyond that will bring huge economic, educational and tourism benefits to the area, as well as providing locals, Scots and visitors alike with a unique flight-themed science and space centre. A key element of our first launch is our ‘build-a-plane’ project where local Kinross school kids will have a chance to help build a real plane from a kit which will make a clear link between the project to STEM education.”