AN Edinburgh tech company is shaking up the world of guest Wi-Fi with software that makes it possible to integrate remotely with millions of access points worldwide in minutes, rather than hours.

BLACKBX says its new technology offers a seamless transition for venues, enabling them to run its revolutionary Guest Wi-Fi with no disruption, no new hardware and no site visits.

The company says its system is easy to use, requires no engineers and needs no IT experience to install.

The software provides real-time customer analytics, enabling owners to increase loyalty and generate revenue through targeted marketing and mailing lists.

Unlike any other Wi-Fi, BLACKBX’s software can even allow small business owners to harness the power of data and analytics.

Company founder Patrick Clover, says: “We are the first company to offer venues the ability to integrate Wi-Fi software into existing access points.

“It’s set up and configured remotely in minutes using cloud technology from our base in Scotland.

“This saves time and costs for both parties. Pilots have been successfully completed in the UK and on multiple sites in the US.

“Our new integration technology will enable us to grow our international presence and compete with multinational Wi-Fi providers.”

He adds that businesses using the software typically experience an increase in users and customer engagement from day one.