THE award-winning architect behind the Falkirk Wheel believes proposals for the Clyde opening bridge will act as a symbol of the region’s regeneration.

Internationally acclaimed Tony Kettle has drawn on the area’s rich shipbuilding heritage in plans for a new road bridge between Renfrew and Yoker as part of a major infrastructure project.

The bridge, which will open for passing ships and accommodate vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, is a key component of Renfrewshire Council’s £90.7million Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside project, which is funded through the Glasgow City Region City Deal.

Leading engineering and design consultancy Sweco worked with Kettle Collective to develop the conceptual design for the new twin-leaf bridge which uses a modern cable stay system akin to the Queensferry Crossing.

Each leaf of the bridge opens and closes horizontally, with the joint at a 30-degree angle in a nod to the local dry docks, while inclined masts rotate to resemble the turning motion of cranes.

“The design is inspired by the shipbuilding story of the Clyde,” said Kettle.