SCIENTISTS at a Scottish university have been awarded funding for a project that could help reduce the cost of decommissioning in the North Sea.

Researchers from Strathclyde University are developing “biogrout”, which can help repair and strengthen cement barriers used to seal up abandoned wells.

The project will share £1.3 million funding from the Oil and Gas Technology Centre, which is backed by both the Scottish and UK governments, with three other successful applicants.

The grout is being developed at the department of civil and environmental engineering at Strathclyde University, with its low viscosity and nanoparticle size meaning it can seal the smallest of spaces.

It is hoped that the technology will have a major impact in reducing the cost of well decommissioning.

The centre was founded in 2016 with £180m funding as part of the Aberdeen City Region Deal, and supports projects which benefit work in the North Sea.