CORBYN, in his attack on Scottish independence, insisted that there would be a hard border between Scotland and England in spite of the belief that this wouldn’t be the case in Ireland (Fury as Corbyn attacks indy case, The National, February 28).

However, assuming his fantasy was correct, one benefit would be that an independent Scotland, at the border, could refuse to allow nuclear lorries from England into Scotland.

Also, the firth of Clyde being Scottish, why not also ban nuclear submarines from their present base there?

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In his speech he also mentioned Scotland’s £15 billion deficit, while ignoring Westminster’s eye-watering sum. With independence, Scotland could reduce its deficit substantially by refusing to contribute to the Trident renewal billions.

Initially, when Corbyn was elected, I thought he would return the Labour Party to its original democratic beliefs, but instead he merely echoes Kezia Dugdale, the Conservatives and the Unionist press with “SNP bad”.

Andrew D Mowatt, Hamilton


Khan forgets we have two types of nationalism

IT was deeply disappointing to hear London Mayor Sadiq Khan describe the SNP and Scottish nationalists as “racist and bigoted”.

Wrap yourself in the Union flag, isolate yourself, sing Rule Britannia, attack immigration and you are a “patriot”. Seek equality for Scotland in the world, welcome immigrants and seek an inclusive society and you are “racist and bigoted”, no different from the BNP.

Mr Khan, who should know all about racism, especially given the nature of the mayoral election, is a man I have respect for. But he clearly should know better than to describe those in Scotland who vote for the SNP – many being former Labour voters you would naturally expect he would be looking to win back – as racist.

There are of course two different types of nationalism. The British nationalism I have already highlighted that is ethnic in nature, seeking to unite the indigenous population against the perceived threat of outsiders. For all of us in Europe, ethnic nationalism casts a long shadow.

Civic nationalism, that which is promoted by the SNP, seeks an inclusive society based on where you are, not where you’re from.

People who back independence for Scotland don’t do so because of a hatred of others, as Mr Khan thinks. There are many reasons for doing this: a deep concern over increasing British xenophobia, the desire for a more equal and inclusive society, or concerns over the increasing isolation of the UK through Brexit.

Ultimately they seek equality for Scotland in the world, not saying that we as a nation are better than any others but simply wanting to be the same, on an equal footing. That sadly is something Mr Khan is clearly unwilling or unable to understand.

Alex Orr, Edinburgh

AS someone who had tweeted my support to Sadiq Khan when he was enduring racist attitudes in his bid to become Mayor of London, I was utterly sickened by his ignorant attack on supporters of Scottish independence, branding them as no better than racists (Dugdale forced to step in over Khan’s racist jibe, The National, February 27).

He can’t claim to have been misquoted as his office no doubt leaked his speech in advance. His attempt to play down the row was utterly sickening too, where he stated that he was a proud Brit and a proud Londoner.

This was reinforced by the increasingly desperate Kezia Dugdale, who tried to play down his xenophobic comments by comparing racist hatred with having a different view on political policies.

Here’s news for you Kezia: politics is divisive by its very nature. It requires you to pick a side. If you think that division is wrong, and that in defeat you should meekly accept that your opponent is right all along, then what on earth are you still doing in your job?

You lost the last election and by your own ill-thought-out logic should have walked away, or joined the SNP because they won. Instead you are pocketing the cash while twisting this way and that, taking doublethink to previously unheard of levels.

Kezia is one of the worst types of Scot. She is the type who will not only talk Scotland down whenever she can, but will defend anyone outwith Scotland who does likewise, no matter how vile their comments. Because being a proud Brit is good and that’s where it ends.

She’ll accept borders, if they are British borders, she’ll accept division, if it’s British division, and she’ll accept pride in one’s country, so long as that country is Britain.

The one thing she won’t accept is that Scots can take pride in their country, want it run well and have the balls to stand up, be counted and work to make that happen.

Just because she and her cronies lack the vision and the self-belief to see that an independent Scotland could thrive doesn’t mean we should succumb to her petty, spirit-sapping ideal of a neutered Scotland.

James Cassidy, Address supplied

THE accusations of racism coming from Sadiq Khan against the SNP and the Yes movement are particularly disingenuous given the previous support that the Labour Government gave to apartheid South Africa.

In 1948 Seretse Khama was the heir to Bechuanaland. This British protectorate bordered South Africa. He was later elected chief. He had married a white woman so the apartheid regime demanded and got his removal. This was done by a Labour Government, which banished him.

While President of the Board of Trade, Harold Wilson singled out South Africa as an important market due to its position as a gold producer, Hugh Dalton saw South Africa as “particularly helpful” during the Sterling crisis of 1947.

Apartheid South Africa was strategically important because of the Simonstown naval base. Most importantly, however, the Labour government had decided to secretly acquire nuclear weapons. South Africa was the only other source of uranium outside US and Soviet control. The need acquire weapons of mass destruction was more important to Labour than the morality of the South African regime.

In its history Labour bombed both Indians and Kurds, removed the population of Diego Garcia to make way for a US naval and military base, rearmed Japanese imperial troops to reinstate colonial rule in Vietnam and Indonesia, and led the UK into a war in Iraq.

Sadiq Khan should look closer to home if he wants to look for a party that thrives on division and fear.

Alan Hinnrichs, Dundee