WATCHING the coverage of Trump going to war over a supposed chemical attack in Syria makes me think this has more to do with his low poll ratings (29 per cent) than peace in Syria.

Of course his actions have immediately been supported by the British Prime minister Theresa May and we have been subjected to a widespread propaganda by all the western broadcast media supporting the US action.

I do hope Nicola Sturgeon, currently in the US, distances Scotland from this warlike action which can only make the situation in Syria worse and drag the world nearer to world war.

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It also reinforces the need for Scottish independence so that we as a country can become a force for peace in the world rather than be a target for nuclear oblivion with our weapons of mass destruction at Faslane.
Hugh Kerr

THE decision by Donald Trump to bomb Syria in response to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria will have incalculable consequences for the world.

Trump is risking a direct confrontation with a nuclear armed Russia which could mean the deaths of billions worldwide.

The Idlib attack has all the hallmarks of a US intelligence orchestrated provocation designed as a pretext for further US intervention.

Trump has produced not a single piece of evidence of showing Asssd’s guilt. He mearly asserted he was guilty.

There has been no independent investigation into the circumstances of the Idlib attack. Trump’s decision is similar to that of George W Bush in 2003 when he attacked Iraq. Bush did not wait for weapons inspectors to finish their job he simply blundered in. However Bush had at least 12 months of bogus intelligence to base his claims. Trump has acted on the basis of a YouTube video produced by an Islamist linked NGO.

Assad has been gaining the upper hand in the Syrian civil war.

The investigative reporter Seymour Hersh exposed the fact the alleged Gouta attack was orchestrated by the Turkish government and their Islamist allies on order to bounce Obama into action against Assad.

Trump is as clumsy as he is foolish. He has taken the US to war in Syria on the side of the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nousra front.
Alan Hinnrichs

SUPPORTERS of an independent Scotland have been at times branded as interested only in “breaking up the Union”. This obsession which has gripped the Unionist camp must be dispelled.

The future of England, Northern Ireland and for Wales is a matter for the people there to decide. An independent nation is now the aspiration of Scots who live and work in Scotland, and a determination to improve all aspects of Scottish life is the driving force behind the move to independence. To stigmatize that as currently done by the Unionist camp is a grotesque distortion.

England is itself the home of English nationalism, English MPs enjoying total dominance at Westminster, with the ability to govern in directions as determined by them. Immediately, subsequent to June 2016, we saw Evel being rushed through. Scottish Nationalist MPs presently number 54, and it is significant that every amendment proposed by them has been voted down by English MPs, with or without the support of the minor parties.

The English MPs might not like to admit it but they do have in practice an English parliament. English nationalism is indeed alive and well. The assertion that the mantra of Scottish Nationalists is next-door to racism, made by a senior member of the Labour Party is beneath contempt. Accepting how ludicrous the statement was, and while hurriedly denied or diluted, it was said and no doubt meant.
John Hamilton

YES there are issues and problems with the EU. But one of its great achievements has been maintaining peace in its territory. How ironic that the first country wishing to leave, the UK, is the first one to hint at war in the EU, with Howard’s comments over Gibraltar!
Crìsdean Mac Fhearghais
Dùn Eideann