THANK heavens for Chi Onwurah [the Labour frontbencher] who tweeted: “Congratulations to Prince Philip on retiring in financial security at time of his choosing from a job he enjoys #forthemanynotthefew #waspi”]. Regarding Prince Phil’s departure, I am hugely grateful for this one tiny gap in the puke-inducing tsunami of fawning, toadying and selective memories after the retirement announcement.

Amanda Baker

ROYALISTS often justify the Royal Family by saying they are a model for the nation. How many people with racist attitudes have been encouraged by listening to the many “harmless gaffes” committed by the Queen’s consort, now retiring – some would say 65 years too late.

Derek Ball


THE Home Office says it does not comment on individual cases when people who have been resident here are refused visa renewals or extensions. A spokesman did say that all Canadian, US and EU-born residents would be treated equally whether they were lowly shopkeepers or Greek Princes.

Richard Easson
Address supplied

Has manic May been taking tips from Trump?

IS there a collective madness afoot in this disunited kingdom? Or am I imagining things? On Wednesday Theresa May stood in front of No. 10 and harangued certain unnamed persons for spreading “alternative truth” about her Brexit approach and, in her words, trying to interfere with the election (‘Full Trump’ May claims Brussels poll meddling, The National, May 4).

This is pure unadulterated Donald Trump/Steve Bannon speak! It appears that her highness has succumbed not only the wiles of Lynton Crosby and the extremists in her party (yes I use the word “extremist” in its correct context), but to the trash politics from across the pond.

This should be deeply worrying to any right-minded individual as we have evidence of where that leads, having witnessed the excesses of Trump. As is to be expected the right-wing jackass press howls righteous indignation, and how wonderfully strong May is for standing up and exposing this supposed plot.

The reality of the situation, dear Theresa, is that you and your pathetic negotiating team are going to be pitted against some of the most experienced, intelligent negotiators, who will swallow you whole. The views expressed by these sources came from desperation to wake up the voters who are about to blindly let May back into power to just what a disaster is brewing for the country. But alas, the Tories don’t quite see it that way. No, they perceive this timely intervention as Johnny Foreigner daring to tell the British Empire how to run a democracy.

The whole affair would be hysterically funny but for the fact that she is intent now on being petulant and bloody awkward as is her wont, but she still doesn’t get the fact that no-one is laughing, least of all us in Scotland, who desperately want to remain as part of the EU. Here in Scotland we have Davidson continuing her self-deluding campaign that the SNP are intent on independence whatever, and she cannot see that she, along with her poodles (Rennie and Dugdale) are in fact the only ones ranting on incessantly about independence referendums. As Sturgeon pointed out at FMQs the other day, the Tory leaflets dropping through the door mention not one manifesto pledge or commitment. That should tell the voters all they need to know; that is, they don’t have any!

Anyone out there still in doubt as to who to vote for on June 8 should reflect on the manic, belligerent stance taken by May, and the damage this has done already, and reflect on Davidson frothing at the mouth over independence. Then look at the sensible, outward-looking manifesto pledges of the SNP and the Greens and see if you can spot the difference. Who would you want to govern your country?

Ade Hegney

THERESA May said on Wednesday that she had come from an audience with Her Majesty. Historically, prior to the Union, Scottish monarchs were always addressed as Your Grace, a much less cloying address than that employed by the subservient southern lieges. Following her encounter with Her Grace, May put her Brexit paranoia on public view as she declared that the EU had declared war on her snap election.What a disgraceful exhibition of myopic arrogance, rudeness and stupidity to suggest that Europe was trying to interfere with her bid to assume a mantle she neither warrants or deserves.

Bruce Moglia
Bridge of Weir

PEOPLE complain about cuts to local services and then go out and vote for the party which brought in and perpetuated austerity. Or is it a case of protecting the Union at whatever cost?

Carol White

WHATEVER message Scotland sent to Westminster on Thursday, with the departure of the Zielsdorf family, Westminster sent a clear, unequivocal message to the rest of the world, with whom they have such high hopes for future trade relations (Independence is the only way to fix UK’s cruel visa system, says father fighting to stay in Scotland, The National, May 5).

“Don’t come to Scotland to live, or marry a Scot. After Scotland has welcomed you, benefitted from your investment, time, hard work, taxes and dedication to the country and community, we will change the terms we agreed with you or find some excuse to throw you out – probably making you penniless and homeless – with as little compunction as throwing an empty soup can in the bin.”

So what does the rest of the world see? A country, Scotland, which wants, needs and welcomes such people, being arrogantly overruled and its future run by its so-called “equal” but anti-immigrant partner. How many cases will there be before the world feels obliged to shun Scotland and our economy is forced down the drain to satisfy a Westminster agenda? Is it not time to find some means of standing up to this irrational land bullying?

Pat Simpson
Address supplied

WE are told that we have secret ballots for elections. Yesterday I noted that the number of my ballot paper was attached to my name on a form reflecting the electoral register. I queried this and was told that the form and the ballot papers go off to different places so the ballot is secret.

So, what’s to prevent these documents being brought back together and the voting patterns of individuals identified?

That being the case, how is this a secret ballot? What am I not getting?

Jim Taylor