I READ with “interest” your article on taking down that vile disgrace and insult, the Duke of Hamilton’s statue (Is it time for ‘The Mannie’ to come down?, The National, August 30).

I believe it has the inscription “erected by subscription by grateful tenants” (though I have never cared to climb up to check). I noticed on BBC Alba recently that descendants of those cleared had bought back into communal ownership lands that their ancestors were cleared from by this vile man and his factor, the evil Patrick Sellers.

Perhaps now the land is being reclaimed the memory should also be reclaimed by once and for all getting rid of this insult to human suffering inflicted by him – not by his not-so-grateful descendants of his cruelty but by the people of Scotland as a whole. Get rid of this utter insult and remembrance of the cruelty inflicted!
Crìsdean Mac Fhearghais
Dùn Eideann