THANKS to the wonders of modern technology I am able to watch German television in the comfort of my Scottish home.

On Monday evening I was able to watch the question-and-answer session which involved Angela Merkel, the German chancellor and leader of the CDU, and Martin Schulz, the ex-president of the European Parliament and leader of the SPD (social democrats and current junior member of the coalition in the German government).

Last night I watched the question-and-answer session of the leaders of the five minor political parties in Germany.

On Monday there was of course much debate on issues of domestic policy, which are of no direct relevance to either the UK or Scotland. However when it came to foreign affairs, the most startling thing was that there was no mention whatsoever of Brexit.

The Germans do not waste time worrying about an outcome when they are confronted with nonentities who have no idea what they want.

There was much debate about the car industry. However, it was limited to the damage done to the credibility of the German economy by the diesel affair, how best to compensate owners of diesel cars by the car industry, the effect of preventing diesel cars entering city centres, and thereby preventing tradesmen doing their work, and finally what action is required in the long term to create environmentally friendly economic engines.

No mention was ever made of the German car industry being disturbed by Brexit, far less putting pressure on the German government.

There were discussions on the dangers of nuclear war posed by North Korea and the US as well as how best to deal with Turkey, where 14 German citizens have been imprisoned. The latter tied in with the policy to be adopted towards the Maghreb states which are very much involved in the refugee and immigration problems.

It was clear from this experience that the outpouring of the Brexiteers assuring us that the German car industry amongst others would ensure that the English Tory policy of having your cake and eat it would easily succeed is nothing more than a Walter Mitty pipe dream.

As I have said many times before, the passengers on the Titanic did not wait for the ship to sink before rushing to the lifeboats. The sooner Scotland becomes independent and takes its place in the international community of the European Union the better.

England should be left to its own democratic demise.

Hugh McLean
Newton Mearns

EU negotiators are insisting that the so-called Brexit divorce bill must be agreed before talks move on to trade and a possible post-Brexit transition phase.

The EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has also insisted that the UK pays the EU’s financial numerous demands, which include funding for foreign aid, green projects and refugee programmes even after Britain has left.

Time for a tougher approach.

The German car manufacturers include Audi, BMW, Mecedes-Benz, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen.

The French manufacturers include Peugeot, Citroen and Renault.

Italy has Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Fiat.

Spain manufactures 2.7 million cars a year.

Negotiations with Barnier can be simplified by stating that Britain will impose an import tax on a different model of EU car every week until the EU drops its “divorce bill” threats and enters into meaningful talks.

The EU car manufacturers will demand Barnier is sacked.

Clark Cross