MICHAEL Fallon has just said on the Andrew Marr show that London is nearer North Korea than Los Angeles, implying that London is within reach of North Korean missiles. I wonder if the central belt of Scotland is also within reach of any missiles launched from North Korea? Regardless of the answer, those who fought to keep nuclear weapons in Scotland should now explain how they keep us safer than we would be without them. They represent hundreds (not thousands) of local jobs. Jackie Baillie must be proud of fighting for the most dangerous, expensive and obscene job creation scheme ever.

Sandra Durning

IS there a strategy behind Donald Trump’s language when talking about North Korea? Using phrases such as “they’ll be very, very sorry” in response to missile tests is the sort of thing a school bully would shout. And it’s not working.The only sensible response is dialogue. With Jens Stoltenberg of Nato saying the world is the most dangerous today than it has been in a generation, the forty miles between Glasgow and Faslane gets shorter every day.

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Stephen Parks