THE remarks of the Scottish Conservative leader at the Tory conference are little more than a statement of the obvious. Of course the UK is too centralised politically, financially and in terms of media control. This has been recognized and commented on for generations.

Her plea for some civil servants to be devolved from London to Scotland is equally banal. I have lost count of how often this old canard has been proposed, and always to no avail once the Sir Humphreys get to work on the plan.

It is extraordinary how Scottish Unionist politicians seem able to identify the problems created by the Union, yet consistently refuse to grasp the obvious solution. The truth is that nothing will improve Scotland’s economic situation until we have a Scottish Government with the powers and policies to make the most of our enviable range of resources.

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Ms Davidson’s words are nothing more than another rattle of the Unionist begging-bowl and will be dismissed by her London colleagues with the amused contempt they deserve. They have bigger fish to fry; namely fighting to keep their jobs in the midst of the Brexit shambles.
Peter Craigie