THE Trump administration has decided to roll back access to birth control for women supplied by their employers. The Department of Health and Human Services stated that this provision, which more than million women benefited from, encourages “risky sexual behaviour”. That is the most sexist, hypocritical garbage I have ever heard in today’s modern society!

It is a savage and divisive decision that is endangering women needlessly, and forcing many to have to pay for their birth control – something thankfully we don’t have in our country. It is deeply flawed and stinks of Trump’s pandering to that section of his support base for a short-term gain in popularity, and as usual, he has not thought it through, as any woman outside this limited cabal will be horrified and enraged.

It makes one wonder just who is advising Trump, if anyone, and if he ever listens to any advice other than that which supports his warped and hate-filled views. It is most surprising that his daughter and his wife are not first in the queue to condemn this action, but methinks Melania’s role is just to keep quiet and look pretty, opinions not required. A really sad day for modern American society and for the health and well being of American women. Shame yet again on you, Trump!

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Ade Hegney, Helensburgh