IS it just me or is the latest comment from David Mundell regarding the Brexit assessments, or non-assessments, for Scotland totally unbelievable (Mundell says there’s no Scottish Brexit report, The National, November 3)? Suddenly, amid the furore surrounding the impact of assessments in Westminster, and the apparent climbdown by May to release them to certain parties including the Scottish Government, we are expected to believe that there is no specific assessments pertaining to the effects of Brexit for Scotland.

It beggars belief that this government has not carried out regional assessments as well as an overall view, as one would have expected, it was a prerequisite to have regional data before a national overview could be achieved. Or am I just being pedantic here?

Mundell would have us believe that: “There is not a Scotland-specific analysis. There is analysis on these sectors and how they apply within Scotland’. I am sorry, David, but is that not just another way of saying that you have in fact assessed the impact Brexit will have on Scotland?

He can blather all he likes but the fact remains that analysis of some kind or another has been carried out which pertains to Scotland and he and his decrepit party do not want any of it released for public viewing.

Why? Because the results must be at best damning and at worst catastrophic for Scotland, or else they would have been trumpeting them from the rooftops, bragging about how wonderful Brexitland was going to be.

For some considerable time now anything Mundell says has been either proved to be false or just not believed. He is seen as the puppet mouthpiece of Westminster which is hated in our country. He has made wild promises of further devolved powers which time and time again have been proved to be just pie in the sky and which very few, apart from the Scottish Conservatives, have believed. Like his masters down south, he thinks if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes believable, and he shows the same patronising attitude favoured by his mistress, like a teacher scolding a naughty pupil.

The Scottish Government has a duty to ferret out these assessments and demand they be given access to them so they can see just how badly Brexit is going to affect Scotland, and then make damn sure every single citizen of the land is shown once and for all the devastating effect remaining in this sordid one-sided Union is having. It should then make all haste to hold a referendum which will finally let us dissolve this partnership and strike out as a truly independent nation capable of forging our own destiny free from the shackles of oppressive Westminster rule.

Ade Hegney, Helensburgh

I DON’T know if any of your readers watch Scottish Questions at Westminster. If they do, I wonder if they were as embarrassed and shocked as I was at what I witnessed. It is hosted by the incomparably incompetent anti-Scottish Secretary David Mundell.

Last week, he showed a total lack of respect and courtesy to our elected members (unless they were Conservative of course!) in the way that he addressed and answered them. He is without a shadow of doubt out of his depth and promoted far in excess of his ability.

In these times of EVEL, why are English MPs allowed to participate in this session? Surely the clue is in the name!

I have noticed it always appears to be English Tory lackeys trying to denigrate our Scottish Parliament.

In addition, MPs of all parties are joining the chamber prior to Prime Minister’s Questions and chattering through the final 10 minutes of Mundell’s waffling. Time for the English MPs to start showing respect.

Steve Cunningham, Aberdeen

WITH the contract for some naval warships possibly going to foreign shipyards, am I not correct in remembering the threat, during the 2014 referendum, that if Scotland became independent, it would not be allowed, as a “foreign” country, to bid for any “Remainder UK” contracts?

As usual, Westminster is showing its untrustworthiness in its attitude to Scotland.

This untrustworthiness was show n, of course, in the 2014 broken promise of 13 naval frigates which were to be built on the Clyde, but only if we rejected independence.

Andrew D, Mowatt Hamilton