CANNOT agree more with Mhairi Black that index linking should be universal (Mhairi Black: It is time for ‘Global Britain’ to offer ALL its pensioners a fairer deal, The National, November 4).

Imagine someone has worked all their life and contributed to the National Insurance scheme and now qualifies for a full pension only to find out that because they live in say, Aberdeen, it will never increase but for his or her counterpart living in, for example, Ayr then uprating would be automatic. Irrational and illogical, you might say, but if you lived in Niagara Village, USA your pension would be increased but just across the river in Niagara Village, Canada that is exactly the position – frozen for evermore. Where is the fairness and justice in that and even more poignant with the Brexit anomaly ... indeed why them and not us?

Andy Robertson-Fox


THANK you Mhairi for your continued support, along with Ian Blackford.You are among a few politicians who can actually see the frozen pensions of just four per cent of state pensioners for what it is, a scandal. An outrageous discriminatory scandal imposed on seniors who’s only “crime” is to retire to a “wrong” country.

Jane Davies