THE revelations of the so-called Paradise Papers show that the super-rich are a law unto themselves, living in a world completely separate from the vast majority of humanity.

There will be the usual declarations that those named within the Paradise Papers have done nothing illegal. This should not bring the situation under control. Public anger focuses on the fact that everything described was both legal and commonplace among the super-rich.

The Paradise Papers show Britain and its dependent territories stand at the epicentre of an international web of corruption serving the interests of a financial oligarchy that rules the entire planet.

The Tories and their government of multi-millionaires, aristocrats and those on-the-make preside over the imposition of savage austerity and the destruction of jobs, wages and essential services, all for the purpose of making those they serve – and who pay no tax – even richer.

None of the anger aroused among workers by the exposure of this cesspool of greed and corruption finds genuine expression within the official political set-up in the UK.

Alan Hinnrichs


£10 MILLION of Queen’s private cash is invested in tax havens, according to leaked documents. (Queen’s private cash invested in tax havens, reports claim, The National, November 6).

Buckingham Palace is distancing itself from the financial investments made by the Duchy of Lancaster. If the monarchy is to survive it should be in there now kicking a few investment managers out of the door.

The Queen is in the unique position of being the head of the country and head of the Church of England, and her assent is required for all acts of parliament. There is nobody in the country who is required to set as high a standard for all their actions as the monarch.

Now it appears that those entrusted with the running of the Duchy of Lancaster’s portfolio have quite a lot in common with these actors who we hear are having their salaries paid into offshore company accounts then returned in the form of tax-free loans which are never repaid.

Would anyone have thought that we would see the day when the monarchy was earning money in a company that has been charging over the odds on loans to people, many of whom would be on benefits such as Universal Credit?

Maggie Jamieson

South Queensferry

IT comes as no shock to hear that Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, aka Mountbatten-Windsor, has some cash stashed away for a “rainy day”.

What I do question is why, as the family already have a “special deal” with both government and HMRC, do they need to send this swag abroad?

I would have thought that being given a self-perpetuating winning Lotto ticket for £76 million every year (rising in line with whatever percentage the Wasteminster government feels appropriate), Her Maj wouldn’t feel the need to smuggle out her dosh?

In an age where her subjects and their children go hungry, not because “it’s a lifestyle choice” as the Caring Conservatives keep bleating, it’s no choice at all. The working classes are slipping further and further into deprivation because of, among other things, The Great Tory Social Experiment called ENGEXIT (but we’re taking our colonies with us), supported by that well-known bastion of civil liberties, Jeremy Corbyn!

Scotland wake up! You’re all being taken for fools, and they no longer care if you know it! What are you going to do? Hold another referendum that you can’t or won’t be allowed to win?

Sandy Allan

Newburgh, Ellon