DURING Laura Kuenssberg’s interview with Gordon Brown on Thursday night he claimed that undelivered Brexit pledges would lead to a “game-changing position on Brexit” by next summer when Leave voters realise that promises will not be kept.

Drawn on the subject, he breached the limits of credibility as he waffled on about reversing Brexit and could neither specify the conditions needed for his game-changing scenario nor how the Brexit referendum result would be overturned.

He even managed to come up with a solution for the UK Government over the problem of a second independence referendum, which believe it or not was “a federalist UK with maximum autonomy for Scotland”, apparently unaware that he was making an excellent case for the Scottish Parliament to run a second independence referendum (It takes only one puff to bring down Brown’s straw man, The National, November 10) on the basis that his promised near-federal status for Scotland has not been delivered.
John Jamieson
South Queensferry