ALEX Salmond hosting a show on a Russian TV channel seems to have some folk thinking the world has come to an end.

I am old enough to remember Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt posing for the media towards the end of the Second World War.

Churchill made a very important statement which seems to be ignored nowadays “”Better to jaw jaw than war war.”

WP Kerr


IF there’s one thing Alex Salmond relishes most it’s rattling Yoon cages. The hysterical bleating from the usual suspects stinks of hypocrisy. One side effect is comparison of the UK press and broadcasters appalling track records with that of RT. I bet they didn’t see that coming.

The fact that Mr Salmond has full editorial control of the programme is irrelevant to them because it is the access to a broadcaster denied by them that gets them so fired up. His Fringe show was such a success that you would have thought some of the establishment broadcasters would have been knocking on his door for the rights to air his show. That they haven’t speaks volumes about their agenda.

Having been out manoeuvred by RT, they are calling foul. Alex Salmond has played a blinder by choosing RT. You couldn’t buy that kind of publicity unless you were a wealth-hiding billionaire.

Mike Herd


THIS takes the biscuit. A BBC man was commenting on Alex Salmond’s new programme. He explained that RT was controlled by the Kremlin and that unlike in the UK they did not have fair, independent mainstream TV channels.

The tragedy is that the numpties in the BBC actually believe this.

Ronald Livingstone McNeill


I’VE just re-read the “Long Letter” from George N Gray (November 9).

I agree entirely with what Mr Gray says, but I would go just a bit further and ask why the Scottish Government wasn’t far-sighted enough to realise that they could have doubled the traffic capacity by using both bridges.

Had they really thought it through, it must surely have been the best idea to use the Road Bridge for all south-bound traffic and the new Queensferry Crossing for all north-bound traffic. By doing that they would have immediately halved the traffic using the Forth Road Bridge, and would also have avoided the delays presently experienced. At the moment, a two-lane motorway and a two-lane dual carriageway, both coming from the south, and both with 70mph limits, have to converge upon a two-lane stretch with a 40mph limit on it. That can only lead to congestion that will remain far into the future.

Perhaps it’s not too late. Perhaps over the next several years they can, as Mr Gray suggests, upgrade the infrastructure of the Forth Road Bridge, including the cables, and then introduce such a one-way system, so as to be able to cater for increased traffic use of the bridges in future.

If they don’t, then in about 20 years’ time (perhaps even sooner) they are going to be looking for a third road bridge. They must let common sense prevail and start planning now to use both bridges in the not-too-distant future.

Charlie Kerr


OVER a period of many months it has been my frequent experience, in newsagents and supermarkets, to find such copies of The National as are available hidden behind other publications. On a recent occasion in a Dumbarton supermarket, I observed that a children’s magazine had been placed in front of the Nationals. I rectified this but was then distracted for just a few moments. When I looked again the child’s magazine had been replaced in front of the Nationals, whether by a member of staff or a customer I could not say. Yesterday, in a Clydebank supermarket, the Nationals had been concealed behind a racing publication.

This simply does not happen with other newspapers – all others being editorially Unionist. The people who are doing this would presumably prefer if publication of The National was banned altogether. Their behaviour is, in fact, a massive compliment to The National. Clearly they fear it because it is a such hugely effective voice for Scottish independence.

Billy Scobie