FOLLOWING the ceremony of the 11th hour of Remembrance Sunday, let us not forget those who died in appalling circumstances, and those whom they left behind to grieve their loss.

After the Cenotaph and other parades let us remember with pride the members of our armed forces who have served us well, and think of those who are serving us now in foreign fields far away from their loved ones.

But let’s also consider the hypocrite politicians representing the wealth tribe who talk insincere words and who, while claiming diplomacy and peace, would send our young people in a heartbeat to die to protect their interests, so that they can capitalise on the misery of others. And how their sale of arms to the Saudis and others ensures many dying in Yemen and elsewhere; profit before lives.

The hypocrites never learn. Because they don’t have to. They don’t make the human sacrifice.

It’s our young men and women who do that.

After this Remembrance Sunday, shouldn’t we remember every day? And say NO to all war.
Jim Taylor