IT is significant that Westminster can find £1.5 billion to pay the DUP for keeping the Tory Party “in control”, and up to £89bn to pay our EU “friends” for letting us leave the EU, while maintaining a complete inability to find any similar funds to alleviate our domestic difficulties.

Not the least of these are child poverty, increasing reliance on food banks, urgent funding for the NHS, loan-sharking affecting the lowest income earners, etc.

Meanwhile, the true adverse implications of Brexit are to be hidden from Parliament because our negotiating wizards opine that if known by our EU opposition they would glean a negotiating advantage detrimental to our national interest. Preposterous!

In 1938, our negotiating technique was to ascertain the aims of Hitler and then to “negotiate” our way towards satisfying them while making the agreement and its consequences palatable to the British people. We apparently have learned nothing from that episode other than how to repeat it.

Our negotiators score on a scale of 0 to 10 is obviously 0.
John Hamilton