DONALD Trump’s unprecedented Twitter attack on Theresa May has left her Brexit “strategy” in tatters. May became PM at the head of a government at war with itself over Brexit. To the extent that she ever had a Brexit “strategy,” it was based on Britain furthering itself into the US sphere of influence and other markets to counter any loss of trade with Europe.

With Trump’s victory, May saw a way to capitalise on his declared hostility to the EU. May expected support from Trump to place pressure on the EU for favourable trading access to the single European market. Any idea the UK can have favourable relations with Washington while simultaneously having good trade relations with the EU is untenable.

The Trump attack and the ongoing Brexit fiasco shows May’s time as PM is coming to an end. The Brexiteers are sharpening their knives. The Office for Budget Responsibility said £6 billion will be taken out of the tax-take due to falling immigration due to Brexit. The OECD puts the UK economy as the weakest in the G7.

The logical solution to the Brexit chaos is for Britain to get out of Ireland. Also Scotland needs to get out of Britain.

Alan Hinnrichs