SO one Simon Dudley, a hitherto unknown council leader for the very affluent Windsor area, has decided that the homeless and beggars of this area should be herded and placed somewhere out of sight when the next royal wedding takes place in May.

Well firstly, I am utterly appalled by this cretin’s statement, which is sadly typical of his well-heeled kind who do not understand and care less for the plight of people who, for whatever reason, find themselves in the position of being homeless and destitute.

Not for our Simon and his ilk the spilling of a drop of the milk of human kindness on these poor unfortunate human beings, oh no, all he is concerned about is that the royal knees-up goes ahead without any of them having to cast their eyes on such pitiful people.

Oh how it would put them off their pate de foie gras, or other such sumptuous food of the like that the homeless will never ever set eyes on, much less eat.

Enter Saint Theresa, fresh from her cringe-worthy statement regarding how wonderful the health service workers have performed during the winter crisis, where she for once slaps down one of her minions by disagreeing with his pitiless statement.

Her wizard wheeze, however, fares not much better as she suggests the police should work with councils to accommodate homeless people. What exactly are the police going to do other than to round these people up and either put them in a cell or in disgraceful homeless units which are no better than slums?

Dudley remarked that homeless people would present the town in a “sadly, unfavourable light”. Oh really? I feel the only person to do that is you, Mr Dudley, as your crassness is only eclipsed by your inhumanity towards anyone less fortunate than you and your clan.

Instead of hiding the people in question, why not have them line up along the route to force these useless, antiquated leeches to look at the poverty and destitution that exists in their kingdom? Instead of spending obscene amounts of money on this wedding, they should send the royals off to some far flung corner of their depleted Empire , saving us a fortune, and give the rest to councils to enable them to provide meaningful, lasting help for homeless and destitute.

I of course lapsed into a weird fantasy there as we all know that no expense will be spared on a wedding for any of Brenda’s “firm”. I only hope that crass statements like Dudley’s will serve only to raise awareness among the sane citizens of this country and a wave of revulsion and anger will surface at the obscene waste of money that will occur to satisfy the royalist and Unionist cadre with this wedding, which will only serve to add yet another name to the ever lengthening list of royal leeches who sponge with impunity from the public purse.

Roll on the day when our wonderful Scotia gains her independence and we can then cut off the flow of Scottish taxpayers money heading south to pay for this outdated and useless family.

Ade Hegney

TONY Blair, alleged war criminal and globalist elitist, tells the Labour party to not hold back on trying to scupper the democratic will of the UK electorate by opposing Brexit (Blair Brexit vote call sparks row, The National, January 5). Cue the Scottish cringers to support this man’s brazen attempt to dump our democracy on the scrap heap, whilst calling it fair. I assume that these same whiny cringers think Scottish independence wouldn’t be destroyed by these same weaselly, perfidious tactics that they are indulging in. Brexit first, and then we can concentrate on ditching Westminster.

James Andrew Mills