THERESA May is weak and diminished leader. She is a malignant carbuncle whose political career is on life support. She is charisma-free and exudes smug, oblivious ignorance.

The “reshuffle” wasn’t so much a rearrangement of the deckchairs on the Titanic; it was more a stay in the same cabin on the Hindenburg. David Davis, the intellectual light-weight Brexit Secretary, lied to a parliamentary committee about the Brexit impact papers. He also admitted he did not know what his role was. He should have been sacked.

May saw fit to allow Boris Johnson, the ludicrous and grotesque buffoon, to carry on offending other countries on her behalf. Another one who should have gone.

The worst crisis in the NHS in England, and the mournfully maladroit Jeremy Hunt gets his portfolio expanded.

Esther McVey is brought into the Cabinet as DWP Secretary. She was one of Iain Duncan Smith’s loyal lieutenants when he imposed his reign of terror over the lives of the sick and disabled, driving many to destitution and suicide after they were found “fit for work”.

In the end May’s Brexit farce will make the rich richer and more powerful, while those who don’t belong to the power elite get poorer and more powerless to do anything about the nation’s steady slide towards a profit-driven police state.

May has managed to turn exercise of power into a showcase of weakness.

Alan Hinnrichs

I WISH as a National reader to accept Charlie Kerr’s apology for including the wrong figures in last Friday’s Long Letter (Letters, January 9). Charlie writes that he didn’t know what was wrong with his arithmetic that day. May I suggest that you may have had a wee touch of Diane Abbottitis? Jeremy Corbyn suffered it too. I can assure you that I got the valid points that you were making, and I totally agree that only Scottish independence can rectify the points you made.

Anne Smart
Milton of Campsie