AS a chartered quantity surveyor, albeit long since retired, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Martin Hannan’s uplifting and very positive report (Trump can learn from Queensferry Crossing, The National, January 11).

Hannan highlights the fact that the Queensferry Crossing was delivered within budget, and reports on the work undertaken by World Economic Forum analyst Cameron Bell and his findings that many similar type projects in the USA have, in terms of cost, run awry.

The lessons learned from the success of the Queensferry Crossing should be marketed to as wide an audience as possible in order to reduce overspends on large infrastructure projects.

I am delighted to note that cost matters, and hopefully those who were responsible for this outstanding project get the credit they deserve.

Thomas L Inglis

THAT’S odd, I heard what some Unionist politicians were recently saying about the Queensferry Crossing and, judging by their outrage, I assumed it was an unmitigated disaster.

Martin Todd