JOANNA Scanlan returns as the brusque Yorkshire police inspector DI Viv Deering in the new series of this crime comedy.

Back at work after her long period of leave, she’s immediately thrown into chaos with her first assignment: keeping order at the funeral of an African crime boss.

She tells her cops to keep their eyes peeled as occasions such as these “can bring out all the top brass from the arse end of the universe”.

As the mourners mingle, the police wait for a “package” to arrive. The “package” is a convicted murderer, the dead man’s father, who’s being brought to the service handcuffed in a prison van. He presents a flight risk and tensions are high.

But don’t worry – Viv is acting sleek and tough even though she has a dry cleaning label sticking out of her collar.

Needless to say, the funeral is not dignified and quiet, and Viv needs to keep the peace between the warring African gangs.


CAN it be possible to tire of Italy?

It seems that every new series, whether it’s on food, art, history or architecture, is always about Italy.

The news just now is giving increasing attention to Central and Eastern Europe, with its increasingly right-wing attitude towards migrants and the EU, and with its rising tensions in the Baltic states. Yet TV just keeps on giving us Italy.

This new series is perhaps aware of the surfeit as it claims to offer a new perspective on three well-known Italian cities: Naples, Florence and Venice. Using 3D scanning technology, the programme gives us a different history and tonight we look at Naples.

The scans are used to show the hidden chambers and tunnels underneath the Neapolitan streets, as well as more modern secrets like an old bomb shelter and abandoned train lines.