MUTINY, C4, 9pm

I COULD scarcely believe it: a reality show I enjoyed.

The famous mutiny on The Bounty in 1789, where the captain and his loyal friends were thrown into the sea with nothing but a rickety boat and meagre rations, has become a legend with the fearless crew able to navigate 4,000 miles across the Pacific to safety. Truly, “when ships were made of wood, men were made of steel”.

But what about today’s men? Softies? Cry-babies? Snowflakes? Taking their laundry back to their mum each Sunday? This new series puts a carefully-chosen group of men to sea in an exact replica of the original wooden boat, and the crew are going to “measure themselves against history” by attempting the same voyage.

The captain is a veteran of the Special Boat Service but the others are just ordinary blokes whose skills loosely match those of the original crew: carpenter, doctor etc.

Can they survive and prove themselves heroes? As one says, it’s easy to “drink 20 pints and be a legend for one night”.


THE show tricked us last week. If you were watching it as it went out, instead of on catch-up, you may have left the TV on the same channel as the credits rolled. This meant you’d have accidentally caught a bit of The Nightly Show, and fed its viewing figures. So just be prepared tonight: get your finger on the remote and leap away from STV as soon as Broadchurch finishes.

I’d hoped that the Latimers would be sidelined in this new series but no, their droopy, miserable faces are still here. I do wish the drama could kick off their shackles. As the grieving couple continue to grieve, grieve, grieve, we learn more about Trish’s background and the detectives begin working their way through the gigantic party guest list to try and pinpoint the suspects.