GLASGOW-born Louise Bannigan can be held up as a shining example of a successful female beauty entrepreneur as we mark International Woman’s Day today.

Before founding her eyebrow empire Epibrow, the 45-year-old studied beauty at the former College of Commerce in her home city.

Post-graduation, Bannigan, who is quick to spot a trend, embraced her entrepreneurial flair as the first person to open a brow bar in Scotland.

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Her talent for creating brilliant brows was quickly recognised as she became an highly regarded figure within the UK beauty industry. Bannigan’s growing reputation won her sought-after roles as a leading trainer and ambassador for some of the world’s top beauty brands.

She has since trained more than 1000 therapists across various courses.

The National:

Returning to her Scottish roots in 2009, Bannigan (pictured above) recognised the need for a world-class training academy and subsequently opened Epibrow as the solution.

It became the first training academy in the country to provide cutting-edge beauty courses.

The academy has built its reputation on its trademark microblading technique and now offers training across a whole host of areas. Most recently, Epibrow secured a high-profile UK exclusive training programme with the US-based National Hair Loss Association.

The revolutionary programme will offer hair loss prevention and treatments that will be particularly beneficial for those undergoing chemotherapy, or people who have alopecia.

Future brand developments have also been inspired by Bannigans recent trip to Professional Beauty London, the UK’s biggest beauty trade show. She is directing Epibrow into the facial and aesthetic market with the launch of Sculpt.

The National:

Sculpt MET and Sculpt PRP are non-surgical facial treatments which encourage skin rejuvenation and result in a glowing appearance.

Perhaps what adds to Bannigan’s inspirational entrepreneurial journey is her ability to balance her work and family life.

A single mother-of-two at the time when her business was expanding rapidly, she was able to build her career while supporting her family with the help of her own mother.

Bannigan said: “I am a woman, a mother, a boss and a business owner. I have always wanted it all but I have grown to be more realistic.

“It is possible to have it all but there are occasions where I can’t have it all at the same time.

“I want to set a strong example to my kids and instil a work ethic in them ... but if their school or personal lives need more of my attention I have to juggle work priorities.

“It is a constant balancing act but I am lucky enough to have an amazingly supportive family who make it easier” Instagram: epibrowinternational Facebook: Epibrow International Twitter: EpibrowInternational