JOEY Negro once called the Million Dollar Disco label owner Al Kent “Glasgow’s answer to [the legendary New York producer, DJ and remixer] Walter Gibbons”, and his enduring status as one of the UK’s foremost authorities on disco has seen him more than live up to the tag. Here, Kent, who plays at The Reading Rooms in Dundee tonight, tells us about the five tracks he can’t stop playing right now.

Alex And His Soul Messengers – Hail To Guyana

Sometimes you forget how great a certain record sounds in a club … it’s nice to be reminded of it!

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The Love Symphony Orchestra – Let Me Be Your Fantasy

The one that everyone seems to go straight for on The Men In The Glass Booth, an album I recently compiled for BBE Records.

The Pretenders - Just Be Yourself

A record that has a great past and a promising future due to various reissues and remix projects on the horizon. This is the kind of thing I loved when I was 18, and still do all these years later.

Big Lee Dowell and The Cannonballs – What I Done Wrong

Still sounds amazing every time after eight months of playing it, especially at 3am.

Al Kent – So Good

A bit of shameless self-promotion. Not a lot I can say about this other than it’s So Good.

Al Kent plays at Ethos 09 The Reading Rooms in Dundee on Thursday, March 9. The Men In The Glass Booth is out now on BBE.