AYR-BASED brand Begg & Co have been lovingly handcrafting scarves for more than 150 years.

Founded in 1866 in Paisley, Alex Begg & Company originally began producing hand-woven Paisley shawls which were used in horse-drawn carriages.

Relocating to Ayr in 1902, the brand settled into bigger premises, investing in new machinery and increasingly skilled weaving techniques.

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Fast forward more than 100 years and Begg & Co are still located in the same premises in Ayr. The location’s reliable annual rainfall remains a vital aspect of the manufacturing process; the soft water which flows off the Ayrshire hills acts as the perfect finishing technique for the brand’s iconic scarves.

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Further expanding and doubling the original factory space, Begg & Co are able to cater for the growing global demand of their products. The increased space has also allowed the brand to invest in the new machinery and skilled craftspeople which are required to produce innovative product lines.

In Autumn 2013, the label embarked upon a new journey. The global campaign saw a creative collaboration between in-house design expertise and two design consultants – Angela Bell, of Scottish fashion label Queene and Belle, and Michael Drake, a renowned designer of men’s accessories. The brand’s new design chapter has resulted in the launch of beautiful, seasonal collections which are inspired by a combination of contemporary and historic archive sources.

Despite undergoing a significant transformation, Begg & Co remain true to their artisanal roots through continuing to use traditional looms and finishes.

A prime example of this is the brand’s signature cashmere Arran cloth which uses spiky, dried flower heads called Teasels.

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The Teasels are specially grown in Italy and assist in creating the ripple finish and soft handle that forms the appearance of traditional Begg cashmere.

Begg & Co’s current SS17 collection celebrates 150 years of commitment to producing the world’s finest cashmere scarves. The brand’s artisans have embraced their traditional skills to create an anniversary scarf which features a bold, 150-colour check pattern.

The SS17 range also incorporates a selection of miniature collections such as Wispy which showcases a soft, light-weight cashmere that uses a patented technique. Alternative collections include Staffa, Fiji and Magellan.

Further to making their mark upon the fashion industry, the brand works with international luxury fashion houses to create beautiful, bespoke woven accessories for ready-to-wear collections. The label is also stocked internationally within luxury retailers such as Selfridges, Liberty and United Arrows.

One of Scotland’s greatest success stories, Begg & Co continue to build upon their long-standing, highly respectable reputation for weaving using only the finest cashmere, silk and lambswool.

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