WHAT do you get when giraffes meet Scotland? You get Giraffe Manor, a luxurious hotel in Kenya.

The Manor is in the outskirts of Nairobi but looks like a stately home you’d find up in the Highlands somewhere, with Victorian gentlemen in their tweeds taking brandy in the drawing room.

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The hotel is truly a tantalising mix of old-world charm and safari adventure.

The guests demand breakfast before dawn, because they want to be up early enough to share it with the giraffes.

I assumed this meant they’d dine on a veranda and watch the animals from a distance, but no. Instead, the big lanky things crane their necks into the dining room to be fed from the guests’ hands. We also step outside the Manor to see how the local tribes co-exist with, and even benefit from, this luxury hotel on their doorstep which attracts international tourists from every culture.

WARSHIP, C4, 8pm

IT’S hard to believe Britannia used to rule the waves, and you’ll find it even harder to believe after watching this new series.

Over three episodes we’ll follow the creaky old HMS Ocean as it heads out to the Middle East to join the Americans on a seven-month mission.

Britain’s naval supremacy might be a thing of the past but the programme is still fascinating because it focuses not on the military aspects, but on the logistical and human side.

We meet the people on the huge ship, including a 17-year -old who is one of only four women in the engineering team.

The massive old ship also contains its own police force, laundry and shops to cater to its huge staff, and carries stores of baby wipes, nappies and bottles in case they need to perform a sudden rescue of migrants.