I LOVE this show and worry it’s going to be missed as it’s tucked away on an online channel. It’s one of the funniest things on the BBC so please do seek it out.

The new series starts today.A celebrity takes part in a live murder mystery in the fictional town of Successville where everyone is famous and “sometimes they break the lawwwwwrrr.”

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The brave volunteer is Richard Osman. He’s hauled into the police office of DI Sleet to be the detective’s new sidekick.

Osman tries not to giggle as he bravely goes along with the crazy story involving a murder in an art gallery. Sleet is a hard-boiled detective, growling: “The book of law is the only book I’ve ever read. Am I ashamed of that? You betcha sweet ass I am!” No wonder Osman can hardly keep a straight face. As they guard the Brass Gnome, a priceless work of art, having received a tip-off that some bad dudes might try to steal it, the gallery owner, playing a version of Bjork, is murdered. Can they crack the case?

C4, 9pm

WHY would you want to become a doctor? For the money? The prestige? Following a family tradition? Because you want to help people?

I’m slightly in awe of those who choose this crucial, difficult, punishing career, particularly those who opt for the pressured life of a hospital doctor.

In this documentary, we hear from young doctors in training and we see the immense stress they go through, and their shock when they leave the lecture theatre and go into the wards for real.

Many of these young NHS doctors are being tempted to work overseas: we should be begging these brave and compassionate people to stay, and listening to their warnings about what is going so badly wrong in our crowded hospitals.