YOUNG Sam is too good to be true, isn’t he? He makes breakfast for his mum, saves frightened boys from school bullies, reads to old folk in hospital, and wears his school uniform nice and neat.

We quickly get hints that all is not well with this boy. His teacher suggests he can’t form friendships. The stressed nurses question why he’s always under their feet on the geriatric ward, asking, “Why isn’t he with his friends? I don’t think it’s healthy”, and in one very creepy scene he sneaks into the hospital morgue to tenderly comb the hair of one of the deceased patients.

Meanwhile, his mother is panicking about the imminent release of someone from prison, but it can’t be Sam’s father, surely, as Sam insists on telling everyone he died a hero in Afghanistan.

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The stage is set for something awful to happen and when a new girl arrives at his school she might be the trigger for Sam to explode.

WHEN Sky first issued the preview copies of this series they sent me tonight’s episode, the third one, instead of the first in the series, but it hardly mattered. You can watch these shows out of sequence, and you can dip in and out as you like, so if you haven’t watched it yet you’re still welcome to join in. There’s no need to catch up on the plot or scrabble around on Wikipedia to find out what’s been happening. Just stroll right on in and let Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon entertain you.

In this series, the viewer is like an eavesdropper, sitting by whilst these two comedians, who play exaggerated versions of themselves, drive around Spain and stop at some nice restaurants.

Tonight they are in the Rioja region of Spain, famous for hearty red wine and dinosaurs, and they do some brilliant Marlon Brando impressions, re-imagining The Godfather if it took place during the Spanish Inquisition.