LOADED, C4, 10pm

IF you learned you’d suddenly become a millionaire would you run to the kitchen sink and boak up an eight-pack of Actimels?

That’s how wee Josh reacts when he phones telephone banking and hears his enormous bank balance read out to him.

In this new sitcom, Josh is played by Jim Howick, best known as Mark’s rival, Gerard, from Peep Show, and he plays a version of Mark here. His company has made millions by selling an app, Cat Factory, and as his colleagues go wild, spending their money on “vengeance and a Ferrari” and bathing in cold champagne, Josh is wary of celebrating and sure something bad will come with this new-found wealth.

Even when he buys his parents an exotic holiday the gesture falls flat, with mum and dad realising he’s bought them a trip to Uganda and Yemen instead of paying off their mortgage.

The show seems to borrow a lot from Peep Show and Silicon Valley but it’s promising and has some funny moments, especially when the boys hire a barbershop quartet to taunt the bigwigs who refused them investment.


I WAS quite impressed when I first visited the “superhospital” – which will forever be known as “the Southern” to Glaswegians. It was airy and bright, each patient had a private room and there was even a Marks and Spencer.

Admittedly, I was there as a visitor, not a patient, so was able to admire things such as the availability of posh sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies. This documentary takes us behind the scenes to meet the important people, the medics and patients, not those of us wandering open-mouthed in the shopping area.

Rose has been brought into hospital and must endure an agonising wait to see if a potential kidney donor is a match.