“WE have some bad hombres here and we’re gonna get them out.”

Trump’s promise to keep the “bad hombres” out with his notorious wall was a key election pledge, and while it hasn’t been built yet, there is a new urgency in many states about deporting illegal immigrants.

But who is Trump targeting? Is it dangerous criminals, or hard-working people who have built peaceful and productive lives in America only to suddenly find themselves being thrown out?

Olga was a make-up artist in California for 26 years. She was officially “illegal” yet she had a work permit. This vague status allowed her to build a career and start a family, but then she was suddenly deported. “They threw me away like rubbish.” Why not focus on real criminals? she asks tearfully.

But the police in Arizona support Trump’s policy, with the simple logic that these people are breaking the law and must be stopped. The cameras follow them as they trace illegals and explain why they must be removed.


SINCE winning the Bake Off in 2015, Nadiya Hussain has become a national treasure, constantly popping up on TV and in newspapers, and I must admit she’s beginning to grate on me. She’s charming and talented, but a bit of one-trick pony. She's always cheery, sweet and smiley, and that quickly gets irritating.

In this new series she goes on a “culinary road trip” round Britain. Each episode takes in a different region and she cooks its well-known dishes and meets local farmers and fishermen who produce the ingredients. She’ll also be inspired to create recipes of her own.

She starts in the Home Counties where she zooms around the fields in a rickety “asparagus buggy”, learning the speedy way to harvest the crop. She then uses the veg to create a five-spice stir fry.