I THOUGHT the lyrics to Barry Manilow’s Bermuda Triangle were the craziest thing which that famously creepy patch of ocean had inspired, but it seems I was wrong. The notion of draining the sea is surely crazier.

Of course, you can’t “drain” the Bermuda Triangle as it lies in the Atlantic Ocean and there just aren’t enough buckets for that. Instead, this programme looks at the clever technology which allows marine scientists to examine the ocean floor using sonar.

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This lets them scan otherwise invisible areas to see if there are any unusual features which might explain the area’s deadly reputation.

So no one is going to drain the Bermuda Triangle and find lots of lost boats and planes lying at the bottom. It’s not as crazy as the title suggests, and so Barry Manilow’s song goes back to being the strangest thing the triangle has ever given us.


I THINK many of us forget about Amazon Prime’s TV shows. The video service remain totally overshadowed by Netflix, but this new drama should bring it a lot of attention as it has two huge names behind it: Kelsey Grammer and F Scott Fitzgerald.

Based on Fitzgerald’s last and unfinished novel, which is itself overshadowed by The Great Gatsby, The Last Tycoon is set in glamorous 1930s Hollywood and focuses on the power struggle between the young and ambitious studio executive Monroe Stahr and his older boss Pat Brady (Grammer).

Stahr is widowed and has been left disillusioned after his wife’s death. Suddenly, Hollywood no longer seems so golden.

He tries to lose himself in love affairs and in workplace battles with his boss, but things are complicated further when Brady’s young daughter starts falling in love with him.