EDEN, C4, 10pm

EVERY night this week you can watch the return of this reality show where a bunch of bad-tempered cry-babies were abandoned in the Highlands with cameras and kit, and left to form their own civilisation.

The show was broadcast last year then abruptly vanished from the screens because the participants had gone a bit demented, some were leaving in tears, and viewing figures were low.

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Now we go back to see what kind of society the remaining lot have managed to create since the show was taken off the air.

Some have left the central group in disgust to set up their own wee camps in the woods. Unfortunately, those are the ones with the initiative and skills, so the others are left to bicker and moan in the main area. Reality shows will never win respect until they stop bringing annoying brats on board – but who wants to watch calm and reasonable people? It seems we want the tantrums, and so prepare to be annoyed if you tune in.


I HARDLY dare admit it but I’ve found the last few episodes of this Cold War thriller a tiny bit boring.

Normally I love it but this series seems as though it’s merely treading water instead of rampaging ahead with wild plots and twists about these deep-cover Russian spies living in Washington as a smiling all-American family.

The plotlines in this season have been seen before, such as the trouble Phillip and Elizabeth are having with their moody, self-righteous daughter and whether it was right to introduce her to their Soviet secret. And we are seeing repetitive scenes on how being a Soviet spy and having to seduce and bed the enemy can sometimes put strain on one’s marriage.

The show is crying out for fresh blood, and tonight we get an attempt at some drama with their fake adopted son, Tuan, and Stan the FBI bore meets his slain boss’s widow.