ER … what can I say about the finale of this utterly wacky series? I can say that I’ll miss it; it’s often been as ludicrous and silly as a pantomime, but always gripping.

I’ve got a list of spoilers, so I can’t reveal too much, but I can tell you that Tom features heavily in the finale – which is a bit of a pain as he’s the least interesting character in the show.

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I can also tell you that the finale is incredibly bleak. I sucked the air in through my teeth a few times, thinking it was very brave of the BBC to enter such dark territory.

There are lots of flashbacks showing Gemma and Simon in happier times. While they slow the action down a bit, they’re also a welcome respite from the horrible topics, as well as emphasising what awful destruction has been wrought in their marriage.


HUGH Hefner died last week and some of the more irritating Twitter feminists couldn’t wait to use his death to start preaching to us about how his poor little Bunnies were exploited and insulted. I wonder if they’ll be equally vocal about the Barbie Doll. Surely Barbie is more damaging to little girls then the Playboy Bunnies?

At least the latter were secreted away in a mansion or within the pages of a magazine, whereas Barbie, with her pointy boobs, impossible waist, frozen smile and frothy dresses was in every little girls’ bedroom.

“Have you seen the doll with tits?” said the Barbie bosses. I demand outrage!

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. I loved my Barbies, especially Peaches and Cream.

And there’s no faux-outrage here, just a clear-eyed assessment of how this brand took over the world and flogged a billion Barbies.