TONIGHT, the teams are let loose in a gorgeous luxury hotel, Stoke Park, which featured in Goldfinger.

Filled with marble and chandeliers, the hotel charges a fortune for rooms. The teams are given one each which for which they must create a theme and then decorate and furnish it.

The boys opt for a “British” theme – quite unadventurous given that they’re in a British hotel. But instead of getting red, white and blue paint, they see the room has yellow walls so they amend the Union Jack to be red, yellow and blue – making it look like a Romanian-themed nursery. It’s a room Sugar says might be rated on “CrapAdvisor”.

The girls go for a golf theme, and get speckled wallpaper which is supposed to look like the skin of a golfball but which Lord Sugar dismisses as “bubblewrap”. As the women bicker, Claude, usually so stern-faced, openly laughs at them. It’s a great episode.


THIS series has looked at the big-money deals which are made in boardrooms across the world, and show how they trickle down to affect our daily lives. In tonight’s final episode we look at a subject I care passionately about: the world of work and how it shapes us.

It’s quite fitting that this has been scheduled immediately before The Apprentice, which presents work as a world where the best triumph and everyone else is crushed underfoot. I’m sure most of us have looked around a dreary office at an appalling manager and questioned whether they are indeed “the best”.

This episode looks at how the concept of 9-5 is dying, with workers expected to be online or accessible at all times. And whatever happened to job security and the idea of “a job for life”? And if companies care less about their employees, why are so many going on about their “values” and “mission statements”?