SHERIDAN Smith has had a troubled time recently, having to withdraw from her West End role in Funny Girl after some shaky performances which were caused by stress and exhaustion. Then her beloved father died and she seemed to retreat from public view for a while.

Now she is most certainly back, and with a debut album, no less. It’s a collection of well-known hits from musicals and pop, including Cilla Black’s Anyone Who Had A Heart which first showed the public that Sheridan could sing when she played Cilla in a ITV biopic a few years ago.

Alexander Armstrong hosts this evening of music as Sheridan sings some of the best from her new album, accompanied by a live orchestra. She also chats to Armstrong in between numbers about her life and work.

It’s all very glitzy and sparkly, and if you like the old tunes and the old glamour then you’ll love this.

THIS one-off drama is being screened at exactly the right time.

The news is full of a parade of famous men being unmasked as sexual abusers and aggressors, but let’s not forget much abuse happens in the home and concerns people with whom the victim is familiar and might have come to know and trust. The stories of those people aren’t given the attention they deserve, though the current avalanche of allegations in the media might grant them the courage and advice they need to tell their story.

This drama looks at such a situation: a young girl is being abused in her own home by her mum’s boyfriend. Or is she?

Jo gets an anonymous text one morning which claims her 11-year old daughter is being abused by her partner who has just moved in with them. This suspicion is “unspeakable” and so she begins to silently scrutinise him, watching his every move to try to get the truth.