DONALD Trump is “Scottish enough to qualify for our national football team” and this documentary looks at his difficult relationship with the country of his ancestors.

Glenn Campbell heads to Stornoway to learn about the young Mary Anne Macleod, Trump’s mother, who never forgot her roots.

Jack McConnell describes his first meeting with Trump when they discussed the tycoon investing in Scotland, and Trump attended with a secret mic hidden in his tie.

The main focus is on Trump’s golf course on the delicate shifting sand dunes of Menie. Permission was initially refused, so Alex Salmond and the Scottish Government stepped in, to some controversy, but their relationship soured with government plans for offshore wind farms. Campbell meets Salmond on the stage of his recent Unleashed tour to discuss it.

“GO ahead motherf***er, I’m telling you I’ll shoot you!”

This documentary about racial tension in America starts with scenes of the recent torchlit processions and protests in Charlottesville. Although we’ve seen these images a thousand times since, they are still shocking. It seems unthinkable that the swastika can be paraded in that country whose “greatest generation” fought against it.

And when presenter Gary Younge, a black man, tries to engage with the seemingly more civilised branch of this right-wing movement, he’s told, with a patronising, sympathetic air, “Africans have benefited from their experience of white supremacy.”

Having seen white journalists explain what Obama’s presidency meant for blacks, he now flips the coin and asks what is happening with white people, looking also at drugs and unemployment, to ask: “Is the American Dream dead?”