A House Through Time, BBC 2, 9pm
Arriving in the UK as an immigrant from Nigeria as a young boy, David Olusoga grew up on a council estate in Newcastle. Now, in this four-part series, the historian, presenter and author is using the prism of a single terraced house, but in another major city, Liverpool, to chart 180 years of British history from the mid-19th century to the present day. In the opening edition, he reveals how the house came to be built as a merchant’s residence in the 1840s. The first tenant was a customs clerk with a taste for the high life. However, he was just the first resident to live in the house, and there would be more to come throughout the next two decades.

Death in Paradise, BBC 1, 9pm
New series. Ardal O’Hanlon returns for his first full series as Detective Inspector Jack Mooney, working on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, where the sun shines all day and it seems half the residents are killers-in-waiting. The DI and his team are tested when a hotel billionaire’s fiancee falls from a balcony the day before her lavish wedding. Everything points to suicide – except for the fact that the victim only painted one fingernail.

Hunted, Channel 4, 9pm
The social experiment/game show returns for a third six-part run as nine more British citizens, including former police firearms officer Jamie Clark, turn fugitive and go on the run. Tonight, following a dramatic launch and helicopter chase in Manchester, the runners attempt to go off the grid. However, they are being pursued by a team of hunters, highly trained ex-police and intelligence operatives led by former Scotland Yard detective Chief Peter Bleksley.

Great Art, STV, 10.45pm
Born in Venice in 1697, Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known by his mononym Canaletto (“little Canal”), began his career as a theatrical scene painter. Then, inspired by Giovanni Paolo Pannini, he started depicting the daily life of his home city and built up a reputation as Venice’s most famous view-painter. This series begins as artistic director of The Royal Academy of Arts Tim Marlow sheds light on the life of Canaletto, exploring the places he lived and uncovering his relationships through letters.