TRANSPORT Minister Humza Yousaf hit out at the Tories over their support for unconventional gas when he spoke at the SNP conference yesterday – telling them to “frack off”.

Yousaf said the failure to outlaw fracking south of the Border would put the countryside and communities at risk.

The SNP Government announced last week that the controversial practice will be banned in Scotland, with a moratorium that was already in place extended indefinitely.

The Tories are the only party in the Scottish Parliament who support hydraulic fracturing for gas, with the SNP, Labour, Greens and the Liberal Democrats all against.

Yousaf said: “For those, particularly in the Tory Party, who say that by being so environmental we’re going to harm Scotland’s economy, I have two words for you – frack off.”

He added: “Where the UK Government is prepared to put at risk its communities and countryside from fracking, the Scottish Government – your Scottish Government – will allow no such thing.

“Let me make it abundantly clear – under the SNP’s watch there will be no fracking in Scotland.”