“THERE will definitely be a referendum on Scottish independence,” said Angus Robertson, bringing the crowd at Glasgow’s SEC to their feet.

Earlier he had held up a copy Saturday’s issue of The National, which, on a story previewing some of the debates at conference, and the deputy leader’s speech, had the slightly cheeky headline: “Sex, drugs and Angus Robertson at the SEC.”

The SNP delegates weren’t looking for sex and drugs yesterday. They were looking for independence. And it was there. Just.

Independence hasn’t gone away at SNP conference. Of course not. It’s the SNP conference.

Although it wasn’t there in any of the motions or debates on the conference floor, it was there, tucked away in the speeches of some of the ministers and party high heid yins.

It was there in bits of the fringe and in the bars of the conference hotel.

The message from the party leadership was simple: there will definitely, absolutely be another referendum ... and that will happen when Brexit proves itself to be an absolute shambles.

When Brexit will prove itself to be an absolute shambles ... well, that’s where the First Minister and the SNP’s problem lies.

Sturgeon made very clear that she has a mandate for a second referendum, that she has the backing of the public and parliament to call another vote whenever she wants during this parliamentary term.

“That mandate was won fairly and squarely,” she said during her speech.

“But exercising it must be done with the interests of all Scotland at heart.”

Effectively, Sturgeon’s worried that if she calls the referendum at the wrong time, she could lose it and lose the next election.

And yesterday, the First Minister made clear, she has plans for 10 more years of SNP Government.

“Over the past 10 years we have led the way, we should be proud of what we achieved. Our focus now is on the next 10 years and beyond,” she said.

There was a lot in the speech. The state-owned energy company was particularly popular with members in the hall. The increase in free childcare could, genuinely, be life-changing for the parents of young children. The State Investment Bank.

And, of course, this helps improve the SNP’s offer to voters when that next referendum does come.

Before Sturgeon started her speech she took out a box of Strepsils, making a jokey reference to the cough that ruined Theresa May’s Tory conference address last week.

The First Minister said she had come prepared.

Next referendum, the Yes side will need to come prepared.