I READ with interest about plans to reduce the workload of GPs, including the allocation of £30 million to “help practices reduce the risks associated with owning or leasing premises” (New contract to ease GP workloads and guarantee income of at least £80,000, The National, November 14).

Surely the time has come to bring to an end the highly unsatisfactory system where GPs are self-employed and can run their practices to suit themselves. They complain about being over-worked yet are free to choose their own hours (including closing for lunch at exactly the time when many patients would seek to make appointments) and delegate triage responsibilities to unqualified and often ill-mannered receptionists.

Thanks to the GP recruitment crisis it appears the Scottish Government can be held to ransom. Surely there must be qualified doctors overseas who could be lured to our shores for less than £80,000 a year?

At minimum, in return for this sweet deal all GP practices should be compelled to offer online services and be strictly monitored to ensure they are meeting patients’ needs.
Joan Brown