A BREAKDOWN of the voter turnout and first preference votes has been published following the local election results in Scotland.

The local elections in Scotland saw the SNP, Greens and Conservatives make gains while Labour and the Liberal Democrats lost seats. The elections have also left all of Scotland's 32 councils either with no overall control or run by Independents.

According to the data published by Elections Scotland turnout in Scotland was 46.9%; an increase on the 39.7% turnout in 2012.

Out of all votes cast almost 2% were rejected due to unclear preference or spoiled ballots.

The percentage of first preference votes were as follows:

Scottish National Party: 32.3%

Scottish Conservatives: 25.3%

Scottish Labour: 20.2%

Independent and No Description: 10.5%

Scottish Liberal Democrats: 6.8%

Scottish Green Party: 4.1%

Other Parties: 0.8%

This ultimately led to the following distribution of seats across Scotland.

The National:

For a full breakdown of the results you can find the data here.