THE SNP are on course to win next month’s General Election north of the Border, according to a new poll.

The YouGov survey put the SNP on 42 per cent (+1 from last month), the Tories on 29 per cent (+1) and Labour on 19 per cent(+1).

The Liberal Democrats are down one point to six per cent, as are the Greens and Ukip to two per cent and one per cent respectively.

According to the Scotland Votes website, the vote shares could see the SNP claim 47 seats on June 8, down nine on its result in 2015, followed by the Tories on eight, the Lib Dems on three and Labour on one.

The poll also found 45 per cent of Scots would vote for independence if a referendum was held tomorrow, while 55 per cent would back staying in the UK.

It also revealed growing support to remain in the EU, with 65 per cent of voters agreeing it is wrong to leave when ‘don’t knows’ are removed, up three per cent on last year’s referendum result.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “Every poll that’s published in Scotland shows that the SNP is on course to win this election and win it comprehensively.

“The Tories are doing better, there’s no getting away from that. They’re doing better largely at the expense of Labour.

“What we’ve seen over the past few years in Scotland is a collapse in the Labour vote — much of it has turned to the SNP — we’re now seeing Labour lose a lot of its remaining support to the Conservatives.”

The SNP leader added: “This is a Westminster election, it’s about who represents Scotland at Westminster. Tory MPs from Scotland will be rubber-stamps for whatever Theresa May wants them to do, so if we want to have strong voices of opposition standing up for Scotland given the big challenges that lie ahead, then we need to make sure that there are SNP voices doing that.”

Sturgeon had the highest positive rating at 46 per cent, down one point, followed by Tory leader Ruth Davidson, unchanged on 43 per cent.

Some 35 per cent gave Prime Minister Theresa May a positive score, down two points, and while UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn trailed on 24 per cent, his positive score was up six points.

YouGov surveyed 1,032 over 18s in Scotland between May 16 and 18.