TORY MP Anne Marie Morris has been suspended by the party after using the n-word to describe Brexit.

The right-winger was addressing a meeting of Eurosceptics in London yesterday afternoon when she said that the UK leaving the EU without a deal would be a “real n****r in the woodpile”.

Morris was sharing a panel with Tory MPs Bill Cash and John Redwood.

Neither of them reacted or condemned their colleague.

SNP councillor and anti-racism campaigner Graham Campbell called on the Tory to be charged with incitement to racial hatred.

During the meeting, Morris said: “Now I’m sure there will be many people who’ll challenge that, but my response and my request is look at the detail, it isn’t all doom and gloom.

“Now we get to the real n****r in the woodpile which is in two years what happens if there is no deal?”

Morris didn’t apologise for the remark but did for any “offence caused”.

She said: “The comment was totally unintentional. I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused.”

Theresa May ordered the MP out of the party as soon as she was made aware of the comment. It effectively takes the Tory-DUP majority down to six.

“I was shocked to hear of these remarks, which are completely unacceptable,” May said. “I immediately asked the chief whip to suspend the party whip. Language like this has absolutely no place in politics or in today’s society.”

Audience member Colton Richards was appalled by Morris’s comments, and told a news site: “It was disgusting to hear those comments by somebody in public life.

“It was almost as though she felt like she was talking to her friends in a private audience.”

Outgoing LibDem leader Tim Farron said: “This disgusting comment belongs in the era of the Jim Crow laws and has no place in our parliament.”

He added: “Every hour they leave her in place is a stain on them and the so called ‘compassionate conservatism’ they supposedly espouse.

“I am utterly shocked that this person represents the good people of Newton Abbott.

“Even if she misspoke this is the nastiest thing I’ve heard an MP utter since Lord Dixon Smith uttered the same awful phrase a few years ago.”

Campbell said there was no excuse for Morris’s ignorance: “This Tory MP is about my age and should know better.

“This is is so last century, last millennium. Do we really still have to deal with this diet of shite? In 2017?”

He also attacked the other MPs in the room for not correcting “her racist Jim Crow nonsense”.

Campbell added: “She should resign and the Tories should kick her out but please — someone report her for incitement to racial hatred.

Morris, who studied law at Oxford University, increased her majority at the recent General Election, finishing 17,610 votes ahead of her Labour rival.

This is not the MP’s first brush with racism.

During the election campaign Morris’s partner, Roger Kendrick, who was also her election agent, caused upset at a hustings when he said “that the crisis in education was due entirely to non-British born immigrants and their high birth rates”.

Morris was forced to distance herself from his comments.

In 2008, Tory peer Lord Dixon-Smith apologised for using the same phrase in the House of Lords, saying he had “left his brains behind”.

It is believed the phrase originated before the abolition of slavery in the US, and refers to fleeing slaves hiding from their white masters.