THERESA May has admitted that she shed a wee tear on election night when the exit poll was released and it became clear that she had thrown away her party’s majority and sunk her career. Quite a lot of us watching shed tears too, laughing hysterically can do that to you.

The revelation that Theresa is capable of a semblance of humanoid emotion has been hailed as the greatest breakthrough in artificial intelligence since Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov at chess, although it’s not entirely obvious why anyone is supposed to think more highly of Theresa May now that she’s allowed the public to know that she’s competent at self-pity. She’s not competent with much else, certainly not empathy. Theresa studied human as a second language, but failed her GSCE. She really ought to do some soul-searching, but it’s unlikely that she’d find one.

It would be a bit more impressive if Theresa May had shed a tear for the victims of the Grenfell tragedy, the families that her immigration policies have divided, or the disabled people living in isolation because her government has taken away their transport and slashed their finances. She’s not sorry she tried to destroy a functioning opposition and take supreme power for herself by the mindless repetition of meaningless soundbites while running roughshod over what passes for a constitution in this country – she’s sorry the public didn’t allow her to get away with it. However since the only thing that Theresa May displays emotion about is the destruction of her own career by her own arrogance and stupidity, it’s likely that the public will remain resolutely unendeared to her. People will still follow her, but only out of morbid curiosity.

This week, Theresa’s government unveiled another chapter in its arrogant stupidity with the publication of the Repeal Bill. It used to be called the Great Repeal Bill but then Theresa lost her majority and the Government decided that it wasn’t a good look to make a big show of acting like a despot. Instead they’re acting like despots but released the news about Theresa’s tear in the hope that no-one would notice the power grab. The Bill gives the Government the power to make and enact laws without bothering to consult with the elected representatives of the people. Not that this is new, it’s what they’ve been doing to Scotland for years. The only novelty is that now they’re going to do it to England as well.

There’s still no plan for Brexit, other than a power grab for the British Government and a resolute refusal to face up to the reality that there’s no such thing as a good Brexit deal. The EU is running out of patience, having neither the time nor the crayons to explain the real consequences of Brexit to David Davis. David is like one of those idiot savants, only without the savant part.

Meanwhile Scotland Secretary David Mundell, the voice of the UK Cabinet in Scotland, is trying to argue that Brexit will be great for Scotland, and that ripping Scotland out of the EU against its will while trashing the devolution settlement and ignoring the Scottish Parliament is a Scottish process too. It’s going to be a bonanza for Scottish powers, he said, confusing government with a 1960s TV Western. Which is an easy mistake to make considering the number of out-of-date cowboys there are in the British Government.

Contrary to popular belief, Fluffy Mundell does have a purpose in government – it’s to serve as a warning to others. David isn’t the most clued-up politician on the planet, but he must be amongst the most invincible. After all, what you don’t know can’t hurt you, and he knows practically nothing. David Mundell thinks a friend with benefits means having a pal who’s claiming jobseeker’s allowance, and that’s why he doesn’t have any, because Tories won’t associate with poor people. But to be fair he does have a point about Brexit. Brexit belongs to Scotland too. It’s every bit as Scottish as Mary Queen of Scots, both ended up being tragically executed.

The biggest threat to our society, our security, and our stability is our own government in Westminster. Well, I say “our own government”, it is in fact a government composed of a party Scotland didn’t vote for, in alliance with a party Scotland can’t vote for, implementing a policy that Scotland voted against, and giving itself the power to legislate without bothering to get parliamentary approval. Despite telling us that Scotland and the other devolved administrations were going to be fully involved and consulted in the Brexit process, it turns out that the Conservatives meant it in the exact same way that their friends in the DUP consult gay organisations when deciding to block equal marriage in Northern Ireland. The British Government has set itself up as the all-powerful arbiter of what devolution means, and Scotland isn’t going to be consulted.

The devolution settlement is quite clear: everything that is not specifically reserved to Westminster is a devolved power. When Westminster refuses to allow devolved powers to be transferred automatically from Brussels to the devolved administrations, that’s a power grab, and a power grab which is being undertaken without any consultation with Edinburgh or Cardiff. Scotland and Wales can’t block or veto Brexit, but they can certainly make it difficult for the Tories. They wouldn’t be serving the best interests of Scotland and Wales if they didn’t. Holyrood will refuse to consent to the Repeal Bill. Theresa May can grab the powers, but she’ll only be able to do so at the expense of provoking a constitutional crisis. For a minority government that’s no joke. This Repeal Bill will only make the repeal of the Act of Union come about that bit sooner. And that is the only thing to come out of this entire sorry mess that is to be welcomed.